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  1. Give a fresh look to your cigars with these cigar cases made from real leather, designed by Lucrin. These luxury cigar cases made from smooth, stiff or semi-stiff leather are made to protect your cigars, whether it is one, two, three or even four cigars at a time. The cases are available in different colors and with customization options available for a unique gift.

  2. Single Cigar Case

    Single Cigar Case FC1001

    Planning an evening among friends that will include a fine after dinner cigar? If so, this individual cigar case is the essential accessory for you. W.. Learn More
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    CAD 88.00
  3. Two Cigar Case

    Two Cigar Case FC1002

    Sharing a cigar with a friend is still a privilege. Offer your friend a cigar that you have already carefully stored in our two cigar case. This natur.. Learn More
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    CAD 100.00
  4. Three Cigar Case

    Three Cigar Case FC1003

    This cigar case is made for those who appreciate a truly fine cigar. This relatively compact three cigar case is crafted from 100% natural leather and.. Learn More
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    CAD 128.00
  5. Four Cigar Case

    Four Cigar Case FC1004

    Going away for the weekend or a vacation? Then bring along your four favorite cigars in this beautiful luxury leather slotted case. Although it holds .. Learn More
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    CAD 152.00
  6. Four Cigar Travel Case

    Four Cigar Travel Case FC1005

    This pliable natural leather case is beyond a doubt the most stylish way to transport your cigars. This luxury four cigar case rolls up and fastens wi.. Learn More
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    CAD 188.00

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