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Cases for Glasses

  1. Lucrin puts forward an impressive collection of glasses cases made in authentic leather. Discover our pouch for eyeglasses of different sizes: slim, standard and large (sunglasses). You have an interesting choice of models of protective pouches for your glasses: soft, rigid, semi-rigid, zipped, and so on. You even have one that you can attach to your belt line, and which can be really practical when you are hiking for example. All the interior surfaces of our pouches are in microfiber, which thus provides maximum protection to the glass and frames. Lucrin leather cases for glasses may also be an elegant and useful accessory if you travel a lot.

    Furthermore, you can get a unique and really personal glasses case by choosing among the engraving options available, as well as the colour and leather type that suit you best.

  2. Thin Glasses Cases

    Thin Glasses Cases PM2020 Deliver in 2 days

    This >leather glasses holderstrong is conceived especially for those glasses that are readily on sale at opticians or pharmacies. This pouch for thin .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 44.00
  3. Case for Standard Size Glasses

    Case for Standard Size Glasses PM2021 Deliver in 2 days

    Here is Lucrin’s leather eyeglasses sleeve which comes with a soft and high-end microfiber lining. This simple yet elegant pouch protects your shades .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 53.00
  4. Case for large glasses

    Case for large glasses PM2022

    Protect your sunglasses and your reading glasses with the help of this leather case made from the finest leather. The soft lined velvet provides a so.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 66.00
  5. Thin eyeglasses case

    Thin eyeglasses case PM1358

    This soft protective case for slim glasses is made in authentic leather. For added security, this eyeglasses case is equipped with 2 small round magne.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 42.00
  6. Soft Case for Glasses

    Soft Case for Glasses PM1253

    This soft pouch for glasses is ideal for your glasses or sunglasses. Thanks to its gusset, this glasses’ soft bag comes with a flap closure coupled wi.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 58.00
  7. Protective case for 2 glasses

    Protective case for 2 glasses PM2064

    We often use 2 pairs of eyeglasses: one for reading and the other one to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. Thanks to this very practical leather .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 80.00
  8. Glasses case

    Glasses case PM1139

    Simple glasses case which opens and closes with a single click. Made of full-grain calfskin, lined with microfiber. Size: 3.7 x 6.7 inches Useful heig.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 51.00
  9. Rectangular case for glasses

    Rectangular case for glasses PM1046

    Rectangular case for glasses. Made in full grain leather and inside suede lining. Closure with a flap with 1 snap button. Size closed : 5.5 x 2.6 inch.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 57.00
  10. Semi-rigid glasses case with belt loop

    Semi-rigid glasses case with belt loop PM2039

    Discover this semi-rigid case made from natural leather, designed to protect and give a luxurious look to your sun glasses or reading glasses. The cas.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 116.00

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