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  1. Protect your eye-glasses with this genuine leather case, designed for slim glasses. Discover our leather glasses case designed with notch or clic-clac closure. An efficient and elegant way to transport your slim glasses.

  2. Thin Glasses Cases

    Thin Glasses Cases PM2020 Express shipping

    This >leather glasses holderstrong is conceived especially for those glasses that are readily on sale at opticians or pharmacies. This pouch for thin .. Learn More
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    CAD 44.00
  3. Thin eyeglasses case

    Thin eyeglasses case PM1358

    This soft protective case for slim glasses is made in authentic leather. For added security, this eyeglasses case is equipped with 2 small round magne.. Learn More
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    CAD 42.00
  4. Protective case for 2 glasses

    Protective case for 2 glasses PM2064

    We often use 2 pairs of eyeglasses: one for reading and the other one to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. Thanks to this very practical leather .. Learn More
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    CAD 80.00

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