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Playing Cards

  1. We offer a fine collection of real leather articles for your card game set such as bridge, pocker, belote... The case has been designed to protect your cards in every senarios even during your trips. Once your cards are placed in your leather case, you just have to put it in your bag and not to worry.

  2. Case for Tarot Cards

    Case for Tarot Cards PM2029

    Are you a tarot player ? If yes, this leather case for tarot games is designed for you. It is produced with genuine leather and its lining is in suede.. Learn More
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    CAD 46.00
  3. Case for 52 Poker cards

    Case for 52 Poker cards PM2032

    Lucrin designed this leather case to store your Poker cards. This genuine leather case can store up to 52 cards and because of its velvet lining your .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 42.00
  4. Case with flap for 52 playing cards

    Case with flap for 52 playing cards FR2029

    Impress your friends with this beautiful leather case made for 52 playing cards. Made from top quality leather, this pouch is designed with a flap and.. Learn More
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    CAD 60.00
  5. Case for game cards

    Case for game cards PM1194

    Case for game cards Simple case to store 1 standard game of 32 cards. Article for 2.2x3.5 inches cards (the most common) Case sold without cards
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    CAD 42.00
  6. Case for Playing Cards

    Case for Playing Cards PM1193

    Case for Playing Cards Box sheathed in leather to contain 2x52 cards. Ideal for storing your cards after a good game with friends. Article for c.. Learn More
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    CAD 86.00

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