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  1. Your thoughts, quotes, notes and even secrets need utmost privacy. What if you add some class to it too? Thanks to the wonderful leather notebook & visitors' book of Lucrin, you have exactly what you need to jot down whatever you want in your journal. Made in authentic premium leather, our collection of paper logs are available in several models and can be used at home, office or on travel. In a world where technology is prevailing above all, nothing beats the feel of genuine leather and the feeling of writing on paper! Our leather notebooks & visitors books are excellent gifts for those who love to write, especially as you can choose from several customisation options as well.

  2. Notebook - A5 format Notebook - A5 format #bot[sku: OS2053,id:97863]

    Notebook - A5 format OS2053 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This it the ultimate leather notebook by Lucrin, made by the finest artisans. This personal diary will help conjure your deepest thoughts, ideas or th.. Learn More
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  3. Big visitors book Big visitors book #bot[sku: PM1132,id:61332]

    Big visitors book PM1132

    Big book with a leather-sized covering With a customizable book with a text of your choice. This book could therefore be a book… about recipes,.. Learn More
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  4. Cellar book Cellar book #bot[sku: OS1211,id:60075]

    Cellar book OS1211

    Cellar Book:Cellar book for 77 vintage years, available in French only. This book enables you to organise your cellar efficiently, noting down all the.. Learn More
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  5. Office telephone directory with flexible cover Office telephone directory with flexible cover #bot[sku: OS2034,id:61162]

    Office telephone directory with flexible cover OS2034

    Albeit we are right now living in the digital age, it is still reassuring to know that your important contacts are not all at the mercy of a couple of.. Learn More
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    CAD 88.00
  6. Bookmark with tassel Bookmark with tassel #bot[sku: OS1121,id:60165]

    Bookmark with tassel OS1121

    This is one of the most popular items in our catalog, especially among those who love to read. Lucrin presents the leather bookmark with strap and tas.. Learn More
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5 Item(s)