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Leather Boxes

  1. Explore our range of leather boxes for storing DVDs, CDs and other items. Several shapes and sizes are available and all our storage boxes are made from the very best real leather.

  2. Rectangular Storage Box

    Rectangular Storage Box OS1171

    Whether the items you need to store are useful or not, or are used often or occasionally, it's always helpful to have a box for organizing them. T.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 211.00
  3. Square Storage Box

    Square Storage Box HO2008

    This storage box in square shape, made in genuine leather, will fit right on your office desk or at home while adding a hint of elegance to the room. .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 132.00
  4. Laundry Tray

    Laundry Tray OS1102

    Leather laundry tray. Highly practical and luxurious, this leather tray can be used to hold laundry. This kind of tray is used a great deal, particula.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 264.00
  5. Set round holders

    Set round holders PM1061

    Set of 2 miscellaneous round holders. Made in full grain leather. Diameter inside : 3.2 and 5.2 inches. Height inside : 3.1 and 3.9 inches.
    As from:
    CAD 287.00
  6. Round box

    Round box PM1060

    Round miscellaneous holder with a cover. Made in full grain leather. Diameter inside : 4 inches. Height inside : 3.1 inches.
    As from:
    CAD 173.00
  7. Large Round box

    Large Round box PM1059

    Large round miscellaneous holder with a cover.. Made in full grain leather. Diameter inside : 4.7 inches.Height inside : 4.3 inches.
    As from:
    CAD 217.00
  8. Decorative tray

    Decorative tray OS1214

    Decorative tray with wooden frame, covered in vachetta leather. The inside of the tray is made of imitation leather of the same colour for easy cleani.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 255.00
  9. 20 DVD case

    20 DVD case HO1008

    The 20 DVD case is beautiful leather case to store 10 DVDs per compartment. Central partition, interior in velvet material. Article sold without the D.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 435.00
  10. Box for 45 CDs

    Box for 45 CDs HO1010

    This gorgeous leather CD box is the perfect accessory for video games and movies enthousiasts. It can hold up to 45 CDs, arranged in 3 rows with 15 CD.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 435.00

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