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  1. Here is the range of leather desk sets proposed by Lucrin. This is an impressive catalog of office products that ooze class and elegance. Conceived by our finest artisans and made with authentic full-grain leather and in a sublime palette of colors, you will definitely add a distinct touch of class to your office décor. The desk sets come in several styles and designs and are well coveted by professionals who use them in conference or meeting rooms. They can even be customized, for example, with the logo of the company.

  2. "Silver Edition" desk set "Silver Edition" desk set #bot[sku: SET1020,id:60069]

    "Silver Edition" desk set SET1020

    This classic desk set comprises of two essential leather office accessories: the rigid rectangular desk pad and a square pen holder. If you are among .. Learn More
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    CAD 371.00
  3. “Gold Edition” desk set “Gold Edition” desk set #bot[sku: SET1022,id:60067]

    “Gold Edition” desk set SET1022

    This upgraded version of the classic desk set by Lucrin, known as "Gold Edition", is made up of several high-end executive office accessories: a mouse.. Learn More
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    CAD 449.00
  4. "Platinum Edition" desk set "Platinum Edition" desk set #bot[sku: SET1038,id:60051]

    "Platinum Edition" desk set SET1038

    Here is one of the most complete desk sets of the LUCRIN collection, the Platinum-Edition. it consists of: a rigid desk pad, a mouse pad, a pens holde.. Learn More
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    CAD 675.00
  5. "Senator Edition" desk set "Senator Edition" desk set #bot[sku: SET1041,id:60048]

    "Senator Edition" desk set SET1041

    This is elegance at the office at its best! Discover this wonderful composition of leather office accessories consisting of some of our best-sellers. .. Learn More
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    CAD 807.00
  6. "Presidential Edition" desk set "Presidential Edition" desk set #bot[sku: SET1053,id:97309]

    "Presidential Edition" desk set SET1053

    The leather Presidential desk set by Lucrin consists of 7 luxury leather office items that definitely add a sure touch of class and elegance to your o.. Learn More
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    CAD 1,265.00

5 Item(s)