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  1. Having a Lucrin kit bag gives you the guarantee of travelling with consummate ease and elegance! Our 24 or 48 Hour travel bags have been conceived with great usability (thanks to intelligently-designed interior pockets), with solid assembling (large leather plaques perfectly sewn), and keeping the luxury factor well felt (premium leather, microfiber interior). Boasting of timeless designs, our duffle bags and carryalls will accompany you for years to come during your city trips or prolonged weekends. Lucrin also proposes pocket travel bags that are relatively smaller than the holdalls, and in which you can keep essentials such as: ticket, passport, phone and money. Of course, all the collection of leather carry-on bags is customisable, for example, with initials engraving.

  2. Duffle bag Duffle bag

    Duffle bag BG1000

    Inside left and right side: a full-length zip pocket. This large bag with expendable sides, allows for extra packing space during your business trips .. Learn More
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    CAD 682.00
  3. 24H Travel Bag 24H Travel Bag

    24H Travel Bag BG1031

    This is the Lucrin version of the 24H Travel Bag. As its name suggests, it is ideal for short to medium trips, whether you are going on holidays or fo.. Learn More
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    CAD 726.00
  4. Cabin Bag Cabin Bag

    Cabin Bag FR2002

    This Cabin Bag is conceived with a great blend of comfort and design, while preserving a delicate touch of soberness and elegance. Quite generous in t.. Learn More
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    CAD 740.00
  5. Half-Moon Bag Half-Moon Bag

    Half-Moon Bag FR2001

    A look bereft of accessories can turn out to be pretty exhaustive in a jiffy. A great idea to avoid this is to choose this wonderful travel bag, conce.. Learn More
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    CAD 664.00
  6. Flat travel pocket Flat travel pocket

    Flat travel pocket BG1063

    Flat zipped travel pocket in premium quality leather with handle attachment fixed to the pocket by a metal catch. Closes with two-tone instant clasp. .. Learn More
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    CAD 144.00
  7. Traditional Belt Bag Traditional Belt Bag

    Traditional Belt Bag BG1064

    Made in authentic first class leather, the traditional belt bag for men comprises of a gusset and wrist strap. During your daily life or your holiday/.. Learn More
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    CAD 133.00

6 Item(s)