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  1. Lucrin puts forward an impressive line of large wash bags conceived with high quality natural leather for your travels, or even for domestic use. These toiletries bags may contain all your daily essentials such as your toothbrush, toothpaste tube, make-up, pills, shampoo bottle, and so on.

    There are various models of toilet bags that can prove to be as practical as elegant. For instance, there is the foldable wash bag with 3 compartments, which can be ideally installed onto the bathroom’s door. You may also like the flat toiletries bag that may well save precious space in your suitcase when you are travelling. All the Lucrin wash bags possess a delicate lining made of washable leatherette. This feature allows you to clean up any accidental damage to your toothpaste tube or make-up during a trip.

  2. Wash Bag

    Wash Bag BG1002

    This rectangular-shaped leather wash bag with rounded corners is a very stylish accessory which boasts of an impressive longevity. It comprises of a c.. Learn More
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    CAD 144.00
  3. Toiletries bag

    Toiletries bag BG1033

    Toiletries bag in full grain leather. Three pockets. Zipper closure of same coloring. Size : 18 cm x 28 cm x 8 cm 
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    CAD 144.00
  4. Wash Bag with 2 Foldable Compartments

    Wash Bag with 2 Foldable Compartments BG1024

    VersionVO collection – finest quality leather and craftsmanship: every item of this collection is specially made on order by a selected craftsman.This.. Learn More
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    CAD 200.00
  5. Foldable toiletries bag

    Foldable toiletries bag BG1017

    Foldable in 3 parts toiletries bag made in full grain leather with washable lining. 3 pockets with zipper. Closure with 2 magnet buttons. One piece of.. Learn More
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    CAD 348.00

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