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  1. Lucrin has brought forward a collection of articles made in authentic leather for you, ladies. Delve in our selection of pocket mirrors, our make-up accessories or our famous manicure set which is delivered with the required instruments made in stainless steel to ensure you always have perfect nails. These ladies accessories will easily slip in a vanity case or a wash bag that you bring along during your travels.

  2. Simple Round Mirror

    Simple Round Mirror PM1128

    Simple Round Mirror Made of full grain leather. Round mirror, diameter of mirror 6.5 cm, diameter of article 9 cm. Put in its matching leather case li.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 65.00
  3. Lipstick Holder

    Lipstick Holder PM1030

    You can now keep your lipstick in this wonderfully elegant case made with the finest authentic leather. The Lucrin lipstick holder has a snap button c.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 56.00
  4. Round Double Compact Mirror

    Round Double Compact Mirror PM1031

    Why choose a double mirror? Quite simply because while one side is an ordinary mirror, the other side provides 5x magnification. With its compact size.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 87.00
  5. Square Pocket Mirror (6.5 x 6.5 cm)

    Square Pocket Mirror (6.5 x 6.5 cm) PM1204

    With its petite size and modern look, this small square mirror with a natural leather flap slides easily into a purse: it's the active woman's.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 44.00
  6. Make up bag

    Make up bag BG1062

    Make up bag in premium quality leather. Interior: one zipped pocket 4.7 inches long and 2.4 inches deep. Two-tone instant clasp. Dimensions: 6.1 x 3... Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 60.00
  7. Rectangular pocket mirror

    Rectangular pocket mirror PM1095

    Rectangular pocket mirror. This very handy mirror will go everywhere with you, either in your pocket or your handbag. Dimensions : 11 cm x 7 cm. .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 71.00
  8. Vanity Case

    Vanity Case BG2011

    Lucrin brings you this elegant vanity case made from natural leather by our experienced craftsmen. It has two compartments, one for holding your brush.. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 147.00
  9. Manicure Set

    Manicure Set PM1012

    Case in full grain leather containing the manicure instruments. Made of mat hardened stainless steel. No nickel coating. Recommended for persons with .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 144.00
  10. Rectangular mirror

    Rectangular mirror PM1144

    Rectangular mirror 3 section rectangular mirror which folds flat. Very practical and elegant for jeweller's shops. Mirror measures 17.5x 20.5 cm. .. Learn More
    As from:
    CAD 240.00

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