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You have found the article in leather that you wanted, but you cannot make up your mind regarding the color or material? Get this set of swatches of authentic ostrich leather and you will have a better idea of what combination to choose.

Articles made of ostrich skin are universally recognized as luxury items, extremely long-lasting and truly prestigious. The leather is very soft and can be a variety of shades, including very light colors. Ostrich skin is a magnificent leather, characterized by its beauty, durability and softness. All of these qualities make ostrich skin as prestigious as crocodile or snakeskin. Ostrich skin is characterized by its unusual design. It has been known for years on the leather market for its beauty, its many qualities, and above all for its pearly effects brought about by the dots left on the skin where the bird's feathers have been removed, thus giving it a spotted motif (this operation is called pearling").

The follicles on the leather give the skin a unique appearance making its structure different to that of other leathers. The number of follicles decides the price of the ostrich skin: the greater the number of follicles the higher the price of the leather. Leather goods made from genuine ostrich skin requires no certification which makes sending them anywhere in the world much easier and quicker with no problems when clearing customs.

diameter: 2.2 inches

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  • At LUCRIN Geneva, we protect our handcrafted leather products with cotton bags that mirror their quality. An eco-friendly and reusable alternative that is not only protective but also highly versatile.

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praktisch und gute Größe
Da die Muster mit einer Schraube verbunden sind, kann man diese auch umsortieren, damit man die in Frage kommenden Farben gleich nebeneinander hat.
Die Größe ist für eine haptische Beurteilung gut bemessen. Die besondere Weichheit des Straßenleders kann gut erfaßt werden.
Verified purchase - Published from Lucrin.de
star star star star star
Échantillon couleurs cuir
Verified purchase - Published from Lucrin.fr

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